Clarington Physiotherapy Health and Wellness Centre

Registered Physiotherapist Monica Kelly and two members of her team from Clarington Physiotherapy Health and Wellness Centre are kindly joining us onsite for the day during the tournament. Monica completed her Physiotherapy degree at Queen’s University in 2001 and has worked in private practice for 19 years. She has a strong interest in Sports rehabilitation. She was the head therapist at the Royal Military College covering all varsity sports including hockey, rugby, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and more. She was also the head therapist for the Kingston Rugby Club for many years. She has worked as a therapist at many sporting events including the Ontario Summer Games and the Canada Winter Games. She has completed numerous post graduate courses in manual therapy, soft tissue release, fascial manipulation, acupuncture, sports injuries, therapeutic and athletic taping, and much more.

Jeffrey Addley is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), and fascial stretch therapist (FST), who also holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Health & Leisure with Massage from the Institute of Technology in Tralee, Ireland. As a sports-focused therapist and active member of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapist Association (CSMTA), Jeff has worked with various levels of athletes; from college and university varsity sports to semi-professional teams, and national level athletes. His approach utilizes traditional Swedish massage, soft tissue release, fascial stretch therapy, myoskeletal alignment techniques, and manual joint mobilization techniques in combination with athletic taping and strength and conditioning to address the cause of one’s acute and chronic injuries and orthopaedic conditions.

Dr. Tania Maalouli is a Doctor of Chiropractic who graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2019. She is fluent in both English and French and provides evidence-based and patient centered care. Her form of therapy includes techniques of Manipulation, Soft-Tissue Therapy, Clinical Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Activator, Elastic-Therapeutic Taping, and Exercise Therapy. Dr. Tania enjoys running on her spare time and her interest transitioned into her practice when treating foot, ankle, and shin pains.

Clarington Physiotherapy Health and Wellness Centre has generously offered their services to our players on-site at Callahan for Kids since 2016. Visit their website for further information and stop by their tents if you need physio, chiro, massage or just to say hello!

Eco Water Bowmanville

Eco Water serves the Bowmanville, Clarington, Eastern Durham and Northumberland Regions with professional, dependable, affordable water treatment and conditioning products. Whether your home, cottage or business requires a water softener, iron filter, reverse osmosis system, or other water treatment solutions, they’re ready to help. They sell EcoWater Water Treatment Products, the World’s largest manufacturer of water treatment systems, and have a self-serve water fill station. Visit their website to learn more.

Eco Water has generously provided unlimited free water bottles to keep our players hydrated at Callahan for Kids since 2016

Clarington Wellness Path

Clarington Wellness Path offers a wide range of natural health solutions that help you achieve the health and happiness you are looking for. They work with the holistic model and offer options that find and correct the root cause. Clarington’s Wellness Path is now home to over 20 practitioners, from acupuncture to yoga and almost everything in between! Visit their website to learn more.

Registered Massage Therapists and a Manual Osteopath from the Clarington Wellness Path have generously offered their services to our players on-site at Callahan for Kids since 2018.

Stuttering John’s Food Truck

Stuttering John’s Smokehouse is a family run BBQ joint, food truck and catering company that caters to the foodie in all of us. They focus on traditional Southern BBQ foods with quality meats, flavorful sides and simple ingredients. Stuttering John’s will be on site at Callahan for Kids 2019! Visit their website to learn more.